Hairy Mary

I really enjoyed making this book because of the nature of the book - I suppose it was cathartic but at the same time I tired to make it something that the reader could perhaps identify with as well. 
"Hairy Mary"...........
subtitled 'Brown paper People'  
refers to 
a)  the prayer I had to recite as a child raised a roman catholic, many many many the point that it became meaningless.  And of course the fact that it refers to this most 'ideal' and wondrous of mothers.  In the book I am addressing my biological mother and to an extent the woman who raised me, who of course, did the best she could.

b)  Brown paper people, which is perhaps now a redundant term - refers to the way letters were put in plain brown paper envelopes where the contents were confidential - which was very much the approach to all matters concerning adoption in those days.  I only became aware that I was an adopted child by accident by the proverbial route of rifling through an old biscuit tin full of papers at the back of my mothers wardrobe.

It’s a sarcastic sardonic denunciation that has the text in equal weight of importance to the imagery.  The images were made in a state of flow and might be described as direct and instinctive.   I chose  to  make the book using brown envelopes, the sort that are used for confidential information. It's about secrecy loss and rejection.   

Edition: unique

 Size:  15 x 15 x 10 cm ( 6 x 6 x 4 inches )

Inkjet brown paper and brown envelopes, papier mache, mohair, wool, hinges, wood, acid free pva and raffia, water color aquarelle crayons and gouache paint.   


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